Feb 03

Going Live! Marketing Tips From Gary Reichel

I’ll be the guest on The Best People We Know Radio Show (Motivational Radio Show) on: February 3, 2011 and at 7pm (EST). We will be talking about:

    • marketing
    • search engine optimization
    • website design
    • graphic design
    • social media
    • …and more

Host Deb Scott

Deb Scott is an award winning author of, The Sky Is Green & The Grass Is Blue –self help book– and a certified professional coach and motivational speaker. She is a terrific host and an incredible person. If you have not meet Deb, make sure to visit her site (motivational website).

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Jan 17

Using Blog Talk Radio & Cinch To Promote Online

Using Audio In Your Social Media

Tell YOUR VISITORS what YOU want them to hear!
I’m starting to play with a free online voice recording tool called, Cinch. Basically, Cinch that lets you call in from a phone and record a short message. Business owners might find this useful since it could be used to easily record: specials, upcoming promotions and announcements. Once a recording is made, distributing the snippet can be done using the social media features provided in each account; including ways to embed, link and download the recorded message.
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Oct 04

How To Be A Great Social Media Friend.

You’re starting to gain traction in your quest to build a social network, now it is time to think about, how to be a great social media friend. The definition of a friend is, “A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard …a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter…”. The important thing to remember is the social media friendship just begins at the acceptance or friend request. Once the lines of communication are open, it’s what you say and do that counts; and a social media friendship is about communication: liking, commenting and sharing with others. To be a great friend you have to have a good balance between listening and talking. My friendship formula is: two-thirds my time is spent promoting my friends; and one-third the time promoting myself.

I like the two-thirds to one-third formula because it allows me to learn about others and share their interest with my friends, while giving me time to talk about my interest; and that is what a friendship is about. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 27

Using Traditional Terms To Explain Social Media.

The internet is getting bigger and social media has become a powerful marketing tool. While the future seems to be clear -the internet is not going away and social media will continue to grow- many business owners are still unsure how to use social media to promote their brand and generate sales. The good news is understanding how these new marketing tools are used does not have to be difficult. Although developing an online social network takes a lot of time and a decent understanding of social media tactics, the role social media plays in today’s marketing plan is a relatively simple concept to grasp. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 24

How to remove your photos from Facebook ads

Facebook can use your photos in ads. Specifically, facebook has the default set to use your friends photos in third party advertising -Yikes! To prevent facebook from using your photos follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to facebook
  2. On the top right (in the blue bar) roll over “settings”
  3. The fly out menu, click “privacy settings”
  4. Click, “News Feed And Wall”
  5. Click the “Facebook Ads” tab
  6. There is a drop down menu next to “Appearance in Facebook Ads” -click “no one”

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