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Logo Design – The New KRAFT Foods Logo

Logo Design

It is always interesting to see a huge company like Kraft Foods change their logo. But for the first time Kraft has also added a tag line. This new addition to their brand is,  “making today delicious“. For a company like Kraft, a change in their logo really reflects a new company image and brand. In this case, the new Kraft Food’s logo is much lighter, softer and sleeker. The new Kraft logo has a much fresher feel, with a burst of flavor at the end. I’m suspecting this is to parallel a more healthy, delicious selection of products.
Logo Design - The New Kraft Logo
So why change this iconic logo? Not only was the BIG BLOCK font and BOLD RED outline not current and hip, but it was heavy. Heavy and bold are two descriptions that are juxtapose to today’s attempt at health healthier. After all, Moms don’t want BIG BLOCK kids eating heavy food. They want healthy, sleek children eating nutritious and natural food. So does this new Kraft logo achieve all this? Will we start to see a new line of products hit the shelves? My guess is the new logo design is just the beginning of a big marketing and advertising push that will be in full swing come summer. There will be more TV ads, radio ads …and yes, internet marketing. I’m sure we will soon see a Kraft Twitter account filled with tweets about nutrition and information on healthy eating. Today a new Kraft logo, tomorrow a healthier, more delicious Kraft product.

Now do you think the new Kraft logo is a copy of the Yoplait logo?

logo design -Kraft Logo and Yoplait Logo

logo design -Kraft Logo and Yoplait Logo

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  1. Samuraiartguy

    My best first impression — It IS lighter, but with the additional elements, it is NOT cleaner. While I like the type treatment, it does not carry the authority and stability that I would prefer to associate with an established company. And nothing about it suggests “food”. Maybe flower-scented…

    My other objection/reservation has to to with the fact that the styling is very much like hundreds of new companies, start-ups and web 2.0 outfits with light, twittery logotypes with pretty little dingbats tacked to the ends. They look like everyone else now, and isn’t the whole idea of a logo to brand your distinction?

    Wal-Mart did something similar with their logo last year, and I think the jury is still out, but their old logo was not iconic, just their NAME. But seriously, the icon is essentially a dingbat. As for the Yoplait logo.. yes, VERY similar styling, and whats worse, the Yoplait logo is much more iconic, and WAS OUT THERE FIRST.

    Looks like the “committee” won at Kraft Foods. It’s fine, I suppose, but it doesn’t stand out in any way any more. But of course I could be completely off-base, and the audience they are trying to reach out to could give a rats’ naked tail about established brands and companies. So perhaps Kraft is treating itself like a start-up… and trying for that contemporary “look.”

  2. bjennings.design

    I agree, too much yoplait.

    If they’ll drop it, it’ll look ok.

    I still think this is a mistake.
    The Kraft logo(IMO) is a staple in the business. When you see it, there is no question about who it is.

    I’m thinking a modification of the existing logo would have been better. But that’s just me.

    The flowery burst at the end has gotta go. Or at least, make it a single color to compliment the logo. I can see where the multi-color represents all their brands/products; but it’s fighting with the over logo appeal.

    As far as the new WalMart logo(off topic sorry) I like it. I think it’s clean and nice. Unlike Walmart. 😀

  3. Bill H

    In a world where homebrands are knocking established brands off the shelves on a daily basis you need to stand tall and proud. You need to ensure that your loyal customers stay loyal and recognise your products instantly when out shopping with the kids. The old logo was a classic, this is instantly forgettable.

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